Santa Cruz has a lot seals

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Are you looking forward to better times?  Or do you remember better times?  Do you feel sure that either the past or the future will be better than right now?  That’s a mistake.  Right now is the best time.  In the future, you will not be richer than you are now.  In the past, you were not having a better time.  You may have been more limber, you may have been better looking, but right now is it.

The fact that Americans spend so much time reading self help books, going to the therapy and reading about how to be a Buddhist  (which is such an excellent idea,) shows that we don’t quite have it right.

We like Farm to Table.  That’s great.  This place we’re going out tonight at Revival Bar and Kitchen in Berkeley for Tobi’s Birthday is all about farm to table.  In the Middle Ages, people were all about Farm to Table too.  I’m not laughing at, I’m not dissing it.  I think that just because you eat organic produce, you are not necessarily a better person.  Just because you know about art, music, literature, doesn’t make you smarter or cooler.

There aren’t enough smart people with quick interesting minds though, that’s a fact.   As I get older, I want to accept everyone just the way we are, but I also think that there is a shorter list of people I want to spend intense time with.  In college, I could hang out with anyone who wanted to have a margarita.  Now, I want conversations and what I really like is to talk about books.  Not what I can do for them.  Just books and life and the universe.

Back at the French Hotel

I love Berkeley, the sunshine bouldering through the clouds the way it just can’t seem to do in other parts of the city.  I love Andronico’s which is a way better grocery store than any we have in our neighborhood with amazing cheese.  What I like best about Berkeley is the feeling that people are not trying to be perfect all the time.  Los Angeles can be quite exhausting.  Off to Santa Fe tomorrow for the reading at Opcit.  Right now is perfect.

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