Red Hen Press Champagne Anniversary is coming up! Do Not Miss It!

Landed in Utah at 2:30.  I always forget how dry it is here.  You can see from the air how stark and beautiful the valley is cupped into the mountains.

The reading tonight is at 7 pm so Kate Coles dropped me at her club downtown and took off.  It’s a nice room with high ceilings. I exited in search of food.  I ran five miles this morning and never got around to eating so I wanted something yummy.  I didn’t find anything yummy, but I found food.  Right across from my room is the Utah Republican party headquarters.  I walked past that and past the Joseph Smith building and found a café with some packaged food and bought a salad.  Sometimes anything is so much better than nothing.

The air seems very clear here.  The Mormon temple is impressive.  The city is cool and flat, and I will be home tomorrow.

Darlene asked me if I am excited about our 20th anniversary coming up, and I am.

This week, I am pretty excited about speaking at USC on Tuesday and at UC Santa Cruz on Thursday, two nights in Santa Cruz and then we are staying at the French Hotel in Berkeley and celebrating Tobi’s birthday which is actually on Halloween.

Then I fly to Albuquerque to hang out with my friends Darlene and Steve and read at Op Cit with Red Mountain authors and Ron Koertge.

On Halloween I’ll be reading in Phoenix and then Tuscon with Peggy Shumaker and Cynthia Hogue.

Then Bogota and Cartagena Columbia for the International Women’s Poetry Conference.

Then Colorado College where David Mason teaches.

Then the amazing Red Hen Press anniversary event.

Sometimes I think I can only get excited about so many things at once.  But I am already excited about Thanksgiving because we are going to have eight or ten of us and it will be great plus that will be a few days that I can breathe/think. I like breathing days.

The AROHO party/meeting was great, and seeing Tobi and Steve this week and then hanging with Darlene and then with Peggy is going to be amazing.  Life is beautiful.

But, back to that anniversary event.  It is going to be awesome and we are running out of seats/tables.  All four of these readers are going to rock your socks.  Be ready to be amazed.  We still have a few seats and one gold table.  So buy yours today.  See you on November 16th!

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