How do you feel about your parents?

While I wait at airports, I like to listen to listen to jazz. Today, standing at the Frankfurt Airport, since our flight was a couple hours late, I listened to Chris Tarry.  Which kind of says to me, Be cool, you got this.  It’s going to be a long flight, but you are already there.  Chris has a lilting joy in his music, very cool joy.

On long flights, as I’ve pointed out, my tendency is to watch one movie after another and on the flight from Germany, I ended up watching Malefecent.  It was kind of cool that the bad guy was the main guy in District 9.  The movie was a good kid movie.  I also saw this movie Middleton with Andy Garcia.  I asaw Queen Victoria which Mark would not have been keen on, about her romance with Albert, it was kind of cool, Emily Blunt was so great in it, I love watching her.  Then I saw Neighbors which was ridiculously perverse.  I am pretty sure my kids would love that movie.  It’s a frat house movie but very well done for a frat house movie.  I cannot think of any smart adults who would admit to seeing it.  It’s kind of the same kind of humor as the movie Ted, so if you liked Ted, rush right out.

Let’s go back to Middleton. Andy Garcia is so very cute, but this movie’s awfully thin on plot.   One thing that’s scary sad in the movie is the whole part where this young girl is so excited to meet this brilliant white old male professor played by Tom Skerritt.  Scary.  Although I love when they start to talk about Chomsky.  These parents are taking their kids to a very white liberal arts college that costs 43K a year.  The weird thing is that the girl is super mean to her mom and tells her mom she is determined to go to college so she won’t end up selling furniture like her mom does.  My kids wouldn’t say that to me whether that is true or not.  The girl really wants to study with this one professor and she finds out he is going to be on sabbatical for four years, she is really angry.  I was never that intense about college, and maybe that was part of the problem.

I would like to say that there was a master plan to accomplish a lot and have a career and then I strayed from the master plan, but there really was no master plan that got trashed.  I think it’s easier if there never was a master plan.   They can do it.  But as they breeze past like the hare jogged past the tortoise, I want them to be super nice to me.  When I see kids bully their parents or ignore their parents, I think This is it kids.  These are your only parents.  And they’re just getting older.  You’ve now managed to miss their early fifties and they’re changing; do you know who they are any more.  I’m glad I went to see my mother.  We’ve missed thirty-three years, and I don’t know what happens next but whatever happens, I am ready and best of all, I have my kids to have adventures with me.  They love me and they are kind to me and there’s still time.  I might surprise myself and have a career.  I hear good things about careers.

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