What makes a person interesting?

We find people interesting who we have something in common with or are curious about.

People I usually find interesting if they aren’t weird, obnoxious or crazy:

  1. Smart people with big ideas, but not so many ideas that they never stop talking.
  2. If you don’t go anywhere, there’s less to think about.
  3. People who create things—art, music, books, plays, songs.
  4. People with lively curious minds. Quick wits. But it’s nice if their mind can rest once in a while. There is a crazy stage where your mind is like a flash pan.  Stuff always flashing in and out of it that’s pretty annoying.  At some point, I might want an omelet, which means the eggs need some time in the pan.
  5. People who are always changing and trying to find ways to be better human beings, but not changing all the time. There has to be a core self there.
  6. People who read widely. Intelligent books.
  7. People who know what is going on in the world and are interesting in finding more.
  8. People who are just fun to be around because they aren’t thinking of themselves all the time and they aren’t always working.
  9. People who can be in the moment and don’t have to post everything. Please tell me you don’t actually think Facebook is a real part of your life?  It’s like shaving your legs.  Don’t tell me about it.
  10. People who can relax once in a while. I learned that from my friend Jim, who had a writer we mutually knew stay at his house. She never relaxed, he told me.  She was always intense.  I got that.  Just breathe.

People I am not very interested in:

  1. That whole thing when older people only talk about their doctor visits and their health. Okay, if you are sick, I do care! But as you get older, talk about something else.  Knit for godsakes.
  2. People talking about television shows they watch, ditto sports.
  3. People who talk constantly about their remodel, kids, or new acquisitions.
  4. People who like to talk down to you and give you ideas for your life. As my daughter likes to say,  Excuse me, I didn’t realize you were going to advise me on my life.  Would you give me a minute so I can take notes?
  5. You’d think a certain amount of crazy would make someone more interesting but the fact is that you can be too weird/crazy. Or the wrong kind of crazy.  The kind where you think you’re the center of the known universe.
  6. Too much for me—people who constantly choose to make their life as chaotic as possible. I need a nap.
  7. People who give you way too much information. Whoa, info overload.  I do not need to know all that stuff you just told me.  We just met. Actually, even if we have known each other for years, slow down.
  8. It goes without saying that if you “tolerate” anybody, that means you have to think about it. We are way past tolerance my friend.  We’re embracing and celebrating. We’re all one people.  We are all Black. We are all poor.  We are all transgendered.  We believe in one God and many.  We are all Egyptians seeing everything and nothing.
  9. People who want to be indoors all the time. I need light.  Alaska may not work for me.
  10. People who never want to go anywhere. I want to go. My default is action.
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  1. I smiled big while reading #2 of People You Are Not Interested in — just like me. What is it that makes so many people get worked up about people they don’t know, will never meet and if the truth be told, would not give them a second glance (to be real not even a first glance) if they passed them on the street? Much ado about t.v. celebrities. Or as I like to call them PBBs (people behaving badly). It is so ironic that they are getting PAID for it! What a world 😦

  2. These are my kind of interesting people. I’d like to organize life so they could be the majority of my friends too. There aren’t enough of these …

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