Last comments on Frankfurt

I found a good Italian restaurant where they were super nice to me and since I couldn’t read the menu, I just told them foods I like and they made me pasta and sea food and then gave me angel food cake. The Germans are pretty nice. So weird to scarf down carbs. That’s going to stop when I land on American soil.

On Lufhansa they treat you like you are important. They check your passport eleven times at the airport, okay, I’m exaggerating, only about seven times. But still. The Germans are careful.

Also, German men like me. I’m not kidding, I’m going to bet that in China or Japan, I wouldn’t be the flavor of the month as I would tower over most males, but here in Germany I look like a healthy German woman of substance and I’m always showing off my legs. Sad to say I’m not attracting the same attention on the coasts of my own country. I think that’s my problem. It isn’t that I’m not skinny enough, I’m just living in the wrong part of the country, wrong part of the world or the wrong era. Let’s face it, in the days of Renoir, I’d be modeling for the great painters. Wait, weren’t the models mostly prostitutes? Right, okay, the painters would be longing to have me as a model but I’d be too classy to take off my clothes for them. Stop laughing Mark, I am classy sometimes.

Back to Germany. It is grey and wet here in October, but I think that Germany would be a lot more fun if I were with someone else. By yourself, it feels too much like the East Coast, walking in the rain, kicking up the leaves munching the fall apples which smell great, but still, Frankfurt is a lonely business.

And now I’m going home. For those of you who have not done enough international flights, you get on the plane and you have eleven or twelve hours and for some reason, it’s hard to sleep and it’s hard to work, and it’s hard to think so you go into this bizarre zone. Like you just lost those hours, like they were zoomed out of your life, like you’re in a strange luminous nether world, you are this numinous being hanging in space thinking deep thoughts that you won’t remember afterward. I think of that zone as the Oceanic fugue state since I am always flying over large oceans. In Frankfurt, people are always inviting me to visit. Come to Zurich, come to Finland, come to Tokyo. And I think I could get in another plane and float off into space.

In other countries, they like to check your suitcase if you don’t take your fluids out. I’ve gotten used to not taking them out because security in the U.S. doesn’t require it, so I have a policy, throw your panties on top so that when they open the suitcase, there they are. Panties give them pause. I’ll stop there. I think that’s a good note.

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