Enjoy Where You Live

Don’t you wish you lived somewhere more exciting?  What about Paris! Or anywhere you live in a white house and look out on the Aegean Sea.  London would be nice.  Pulling yourself out of bed, rolling into a pub around 11 for black and tan.  Or what about Marseilles.  You don’t even know where that is, but it has a nice ring.  Of course, there’s Casablanca, Istanbul, Goa, Sydney and we haven’t even discussed North Africa, Lisbon and then there’s Lima, the Andes! But the fact is that wherever you live, there you are.  You have to get up in the morning, have your breakfast or not.  Mostly you have to wash your laundry, figure out how to get to the market.  I’ve decided that a great deal of what makes a city liveable is how easy it is to find a market and buy food, and make it and then get your wash down and get around.   San Francisco seems a lot easier to get around that LA because they have BART, but we have better markets and we have houses with washing machines and dryers.  In San Francisco, my daughter and her friends all have to run to the Laundromat which would annoy me since I like to do the wash daily.  However, like Portland and Minneapolis, they have an abundance of great restaurants.  Los Angeles does not.  We have a few places that are good, but you have to research to find them and then you have to drive an hour.  It’s just not worth it.  I want to live in a neighborhood with good food.  In NY, there is good food everywhere.  I stay in Chelsea and I can just walk out my front door and there is good food here, there and everywhere.

Frankfurt isn’t so impressive food wise.  Maybe I’d like it better if I ate German food.  I know that if I were here with my friend Petra, I would be going to cool places because she knows how to find them.  I just walk from the book fair to my hotel and eat what I encounter. Petra’s a Geiger counter for cool.  The book fair itself has lots of food, my favorite is these little pretzel sandwiches with turkey and I am pretty crazy for the lattes as well.  You can also buy small bottles of whiskey and Jager and if you drink one before you go for your one hour walk back to your hotel it makes the walk go more warmly and smoothly.  Or so I hear.  I’ve been in Germany three days with no wifi, and I am starting to go into wifi withdrawal.  Obviously I don’t care that much.  But it’s weird.  The whole book fair is a trip.  All of these people in the business of books.  Our German subrights agent has been to Frankfurt forty times.  Forty years of book fairs.  With books, the delivery system matters.  In my hotel in the morning I listen to jazz from my shuffle.  It would be cool to put on a record, but I don’t need to.  But books matter as objects.  The paper, the cover, the type, from cave painting to scroll to print.  It matters.

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