What is worth thinking about? a few things, worth worrying about? nothing

Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff. That’s a lie. I can’t even believe I just typed that because it is a blatant lie. If someone close to you is sick, that’s not small stuff. Death? Not small. Addiction issues? Not small. If your kids or parents or brothers or sisters aren’t speaking with you, that’s not small.

Small stuff:
1. Your books did not arrive in time for your reading. Bring books with you everyone in case this happens.
2. Somebody, somewhere is mad at you. You do realize that a year from now, they probably won’t still be mad, maybe even in a week they’ll forget. If someone is in a tizzy, think of it as a hot tub they got into. You do not have to get into the hot tub. They are over there in the swirl, the bubbles, the heat, the steam, you are over there swimming in the cool pool. If they yell over at you, it’s hot in here, you can yell back, it’s cool in here!
3. You are having a bad hair day. Not even worth mentioning.
4. You are out of money.
5. The meal didn’t turn out right.
6. You forgot to bring your coat, hat, shoes, etc.
7. You lost your keys, shoes, favorite flip flops, only bandanna, glasses, watch. In a year, it will not matter.
8. Something is wrong with your house/car/electronic device. Again, next week it won’t matter.
9. You’re not looking your best. You are fat/old etc. Just be glad you’re alive and change what you can.
10. It’s all getting very confusing for you. Get some sleep.

Big Stuff
1. There is an emotional, physical or psychological problem with a member of your family or inner friend circle who is dear to you.
2. You’ve lost your way of making a living. Until you solve that problem, you’re down there on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs working on food and shelter.
3. You need help. That’s where I am. I need help. There is too much on my plate, and it’s getting muddled. But when I get home from Frankfurt, most of it will have blown over and as for the rest, some of it Mark will figure out and the rest? Well the cavalry is coming to town and when she arrives, I will tell her how I am confused and she will un-confuse me. That’s what friends do.
I have good friends and when I talk with them, I settle down. Usually. There is too much on my plate right now. It’s a crazy big plate too.

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