Were you a man or a woman in your last lifetime? Here’s how to tell.

In my last lifetime, I think I was a man.  That would explain a lot.  In case you are wondering

If you were a man in your last lifetime, here are some of the signs.

You might be a man if:

  1. You have never worried about whether you were going to get married.
  2. You were in no hurry to get married.
  3. You are not a fan of romantic movies or books.
  4. You think about sex a lot.
  5. You see naked people.
  6. You don’t like shopping for clothes.
  7. You don’t like shopping for anything except books.
  8. You like both dogs and cats.
  9. You don’t know how to dress.
  10. Fashion doesn’t interest you.
  11. You don’t like beauty magazines.
  12. You like figuring things out for yourself.

Signs you are a woman in this lifetime.

  1. You can’t parallel park.
  2. Driving isn’t easy.
  3. You have no sense of direction.
  4. You don’t enjoy math, chemistry or physics.
  5. You like the house and car to be clean.
  6. Horses are exciting.
  7. You like to do the laundry yourself.
  8. You like to dance.
  9. You don’t love beer.
  10. You don’t like watching sports.
  11. You don’t like watching car chases, they bore you.
  12. You like babies.

However, I like to think big thoughts I like to think about big stories, big ideas and that’s something

we all do.

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