I could be a princess too


Reading at Fergie’s pub went well. Seeing Ernie is always a pleasure and now off to Minneapolis.

After a couple nights in Minneapolis, I’ll be ready for Los Angeles. I want to have sushi when I get back, but I think we’re a little too tight for things like sushi.  It’s all good.

For dinner tonight, I had buffalo wings and Makers Mark. It was a great combination.  That’s because I sold a couple books so I had enough money for dinner.  This trip has been pretty tight, but even when I’m travelling with little or no money, I have a good time.  I’ve gotten to ride trains from Boston to NY, NY to DC and to Philly and back.  I love train stations and trains because they speak to the idea of grandeur in travel. Like ocean liners used to be especially if you were in first class.  Airports speak to the complete absence of anything grand in travel.  It’s very hard to live in an imaginary world and believe the world is magnificent when you’re at LAX.  I have a rich fantasy life, but really.

Philadelphia is a strange city.  It feels dark and strange and well worn.  It’s got history.  But maybe too much history.  I wouldn’t want to live here.  It’s easy to have a good time with Ernie anywhere.  And if his wife Lynn is there, it’s double the fun.  It’s going to storm soon, so it’s grey. There probably are good restaurants here in Philly, but I’ve never been to any.

However, since tomorrow night and the next night I am in Minneapolis with my friend Jen Kohan who has excellent taste in restaurants and bars, I am sure to be going to some really fun places.  I am looking forward to having a great time but not so good that I am dancing on tables.

I had a great walk yesterday along the Highline which is kind of amazing now, it’s so long and you can just keep walking into the air and light.  I walked south on it too and then walking through Manhattan I walked by this store that had a red dress in the window.  I want a red dress for Red Hen’s big 20th anniversary party November 16th (Richard Blanco, Sharon Olds, Pete Fromm, Pam Houston!) so I went in to take a look.  The store was kind of muted, the music was trembling on the brink of a mesquite tree as Brynn Saito would say, the air vibrating and the girls were moved around like they floated.  One said,

“Do you like this dress?”

“Yeah, I do.” I said.

“Can I get you some water?” she said.  I knew then that it was time for me to go.  Anywhere they bring you water is way out of my tax bracket.  But it dazzled me that although I was clearly unsuited for the store, they treated me like I was.

If you want to know how people treat others, see how they treat waiters, see how they treat the girl who comes in the store in sandals and a purple cotton dress, the girl who can’t afford the red dress.

I looked it up afterward.  It was a Diane von Furstenberg Sophia Silk gown.  If you come to the Red Hen Press anniversary event on November 16th, I won’t be wearing that dress.  In NY, often the salesladies give you a look when you stop into some boutique like be serious girl, you don’t have the dough for this.  But we all like to look and imagine.  I could be a princess wearing a red dress too.


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  1. Maybe you could do crowd funding for that dress. Only half kidding.

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