You like Iceland, don’t you?

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There’s a dream out there; however true, that the slow life is better than the fast life.  Living in a Nebraska cornfield is more peaceful than living in Manhattan.  A small town in Vermont is a place for cheddar, maple syrup and mediation while Wall Street is a place for chaos and drama, nightmares and speed.

In NY, one simply can’t relax.  One has to rush here and there.  There are simply too many people and they’re all too crowded together.

In Nebraska, in Iowa, in Vermont, you can put your feet up and breathe.  If you live in Los Angeles, your life is strung out on freeways.  If you live in Lancaster, Hollis, Weed, Bakersfield, Fresno or even La Jolla, your life is supposed to be kicked back. You aren’t driving all the time, you have more down time.  Your whole life is better. But is it?

Those of us who live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris, New York, we do feel that we live somewhere exciting.  And it’s easier to brag about where you live than if you live in Fink, Grit or Wink, Texas.  These are all real towns.

The fact is that people like different kinds of places to live.  Some like living in the thick of things. Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Some like it wild and some like it mild.  Some like to be near movies, restaurants, music.  Some don’t care.  I like being able to drive to Disney Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, theatres and a decent sushi bar.  I like being not too far from the beach.  I like the feel of the ocean air.

Some love the desert. Some love Florida.  For a long time we didn’t fix up our house because I wanted to move.  I still want t move, but we decided to fix it up anyway.   Which is a good thing.  I like the way our yard looks now.  But I would love to live at the beach.

We all get to choose where we want to live.  The point is not to diss anyone else’s choices. Don’t yuck on their yum.  If they like the desert, don’t tell them it sucks.  Don’t tell New Yorkers that they should move to Vermont or Americans that they should move to Paris, or Nebraskans that they should move to Minneapolis.  Don’t think that whatever works for you is whatever else would want.  You’re wrong.

You like the desert.

You like the ocean.

You like downtown Manhattan.

You like Iceland.

You like New Guinea.

Not everyone likes what you like.  But one of the keys to a good relationship is finding someone who likes what you like.  They don’t have to like your music.  But it would be nice if they want to live where you want to live and like the food you like.

Of course, people change.  You start off liking Los Angeles and then you decide you want to live in Placitas, New Mexico.  If you’re lucky, your spouse is dreaming of New Mexico chilies as well.  Find someone who shares your dreams and then hope you both stay on track together.  Mark wants a getaway house somewhere cool.  Working on that.

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