On Friday night I am reading at Bergamot Station at the Building Bridges ADC Gallery with Kim Dower and Brendan Constantine.

voom 020

Then dinner with Sarah and Travis.

Thursday Kim and I are going to Mussos.  I love Mussos because of its history and because I’ve had good times there with Teresa and with Kim and because they do make a damned good Ketel One martini, but the food there has slipped off its pedestal.  The waiters are lovely and old fashioned in their green and red and they stay there forever. But my favorite dish there was always the sour cream and herring and now they’ve ruined it.  I can still get the crab salad.

I had a good time in DC with Seema Reza and her sons. I slept on the balcony which was ten floors up.  I slept in a sleeping bag.

It isn’t like I’ve come back to a sleepy week. Hardly.  I teach tomorrow and Thursday I am at the office.  On Monday I fly back to NY for a couple of meetings before I go to Philly and then Minneapolis.

I’m doing Pilates on Thursday and going to the doctor and going to work.

There’s a lizard who lives in our backyard.

Much of California is on fire.

I wake up and can’t remember what city I’m in.

Seeing my mother was such a trip.

My sister’s voice did not sound like mine.  Hers was very high.

We all fear what we don’t understand.

The lizard lives under the comfrey which I plan to use for tea with the lemon grass and mint.

For Thanksgiving we could make pumpkin soup.

I haven’t cooked for a long time.

On this plane a lot of people are sleeping.

Seema made quinoa for dinner last night with leftover chicken.

Her older son didn’t try it.

My son used to eat CPK instead of dinner.  Pick your battles.

At the readings someone said to me, I’m your friend on Facebook!

Well now, isn’t that nice?

If you could be a great writer or a rock star or the president which would you be?

Bono? Barack or Pynchon?

It might be fun to sleep in the White House. I would jump on the bed.

At Walter Reed, there is a fountain outside and there is a fake fireplace.

Everything is very nice and new and the vets like working with Seema.  She’s very gifted with listening and with a kind of rare humility and presence.  She spreads joy and understanding.

We all walk around with secrets.

Wouldn’t you like to visit the moon?

Sleeping on the balcony wasn’t completely restful. I dreamed of tracks. I was above the train.

Quinoa is supposed to be very good for you.

I miss chia seeds.

All God’s children got new shoes to wear.

The first pair of shoes I bought myself were Keds.

I have never bought myself expensive shoes or bags or jewelry or dresses.

I went into Eileen Fisher in NY and played the what if game.

I wouldn’t mind if I could ride a cloud.  Or find myself at the train station with extra money in my pocket.

Finish this book, that’s my main job.

I got shoes. You got shoes.

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