KGB Bar tonight!

Red Hen Press at KGB Bar! 7 pm

Jeffrey Harrison, Dean Kostos and Leia Penina Wilson, see you there!

The meeting with my mother and sister went well.

I fell asleep afterward almost as soon as we entered the hotel but woke up a couple hours later and then I couldn’t sleep thinking about it.  My mother brought a little photo album.  In it were mostly pictures of her and her husband on honeymoon and camping trips.  He was very handsome when they got married and is still a good looking man.  He also seemed to be a very gentle man.  He told a story of shooting a fox.  She told a story about him hiding their food for a hiking trip and skillfully finding it again.  She was clearly very proud of him. He can hunt, camp, shoot, sail.  He’s a manly man, thin and quiet.  He seemed very fond of my mother.  He’s been to France but says his French isn’t great. My mother does most of the talking.  She seems to be the family story teller.

My sister seemed rather quiet but very lively at the same time.  She has a quiet voice. She told me a little about her five children.  Two have taken lifeguard training. My two kids have also.  She has been married to her husband twenty years.  I have been with my husband for twenty years.  She plays the piano on weekends.  She doesn’t travel much because she has two young children.

They like the Comfort Inn where they’re staying because it has a pool.  They like to swim. My mother seems to need a knee replacement but said she’s going to avoid that.  Oddly my mother-in-law needs a knee replacement but is also avoiding it.

I’d say my mother was glad to see me.  I told her about gardening , making salsa, about having chickens and camping.  My sister seemed to enjoy the whole visit too.  My mother ordered ahi tuna.  I thought wow, they’re into sashimi.  When it came, they were surprised and had the tuna sent back to be cooked.  The waitress was surprised but she had it cooked for them.  I shared a little appetizer pizza with Mary.  I both was and wasn’t hungry, I didn’t feel like eating.  I ordered coffee.

I was thinking and re-thinking everything.  The reading at River Run Bookstore had gone really well and earlier that day I’d done a radio show on NPR.  We’d driven down from Concord, me singing in the rain to Mary in French and English.  Today, I’m on a train to NY.   What I want to buy to remember this trip is a snow globe.  Inside the little globes, the snow drifts around the tiny figures inside.  You can hold it in your hands and everything is perfect.

They seem quite content.  My mother’s husband told a story about driving to the Philadelphia docks, the dangerous area he had to drive through where flowers were stolen from his truck.

I paid the bill; they seemed confused by the check as they were by the raw fish.

Mary drove me to the train station; when we arrived at the station, I ran, boarding with one minute to spare and no time to print my ticket. The train from Boston to NY is more than four hours.

The water came down in sleeves but nobody drowned.  I have built my own ark and that ark floats well.  I don’t need to sing out for help, I can just sing for joy.  The snow globe will be a park with people or a merry go round.

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