It is now three days until I see my mother who I have not seen for thirty-three years.

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She is bringing her husband, my sister Shura and Shura’s husband. I do not know if I am taller than my mother or my sister. I think of myself as the tallest one in the family, but this may not be true. I do not know my sister’s birthday, but it is in October, days away from my daughter’s birthday which is on Halloween. They are coming to the reading and then we are going to dinner. I have not decided what to read. I have not decided what to say. I have not decided what to wear. I have not decided who I am in that situation. In that world. In their world. I am going backwards step by step into the dark as I think about this visit. Good things come out in the dark. The stars. The moon. Love and wild life. I’ve discovered the cave where light is built and I’ve come back to the surface and still I feel God rising in me.

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  1. Kate, I wish you an excellent time. I remember your mom and you and your sister when you were very young visiting with my family in Phippsburg, ME, before your move to the Crafts in Freeport.

    That was about 50 years ago. I hope you can find a level of peace. It’s a big risk for you all, but nothing to lose, but alot to gain.

    Blessings, Ken Roberts

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