Change your story

I have a wonderful graduate student this semester who writes of the way girls talk to one another and how that conversation grows as we get older.  She writes of the myths of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella and how the myths talked to her as a child about finding men about waiting for men.  She decided to change the story, change her own story.  She writes so well of these new stories.  I like to read her work because like all good writers, she makes one question one’s own myth and one’s own story. 


I never read women’s magazines and thought I needed to be beautiful.  I always thought women’s magazines were for a different species of women than me and that species understood clothes, shoes, jewelry, stuff that didn’t matter in my world.  I have never done that planning that women do on what I am going to wear, never called another woman to give details of my date, never waited by the phone for someone to call. 


I am fascinated reading her work because she writes so elegantly and she draws me into her world while making me question my own world.


I like writing that helps you understand yourself better.   The myths that drove me forward were not the stories of waiting princesses or of handsome princes.  I dreamed of being the ugly duckling and turning into a swan.  I dreamed of wings. 


But I like hearing her dreams and how she changed her dreams.  She wanted a boy to love her. That’s not too much to ask.  But now, she is writing a new story.  I love her stories and rethinking who I am and why I dream.

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