You will be given a lot more than you can handle.

hidden falls 016

When I was younger, they used to say that the Lord won’t give you more than you can handle. This is patently untrue. You will be given a lot more than you can handle.

For example, I am quite a bit under water and stuff just keeps coming up. Nobody looks at you from some place in the sky and says, Oh she’s under water, I better take it easy on her. This never happens.

In fact what happens is this: You have more stuff going on in your life than you can possibly handle and then more stuff happens. I tell you, it’s a sight to see when you are flailing about trying to swim to shore and the shore moves away until you can’t even see it.

They told me all wrong when I was growing up. There is no shore.

You can’t write down all the stuff that’s going on with your life in a blog or on Facebook because your life shouldn’t be spread out like taking off your clothes in public which you shouldn’t do in most countries. Certainly not this one. I’ve got a lot I am thinking over and I can’t see to the edge of the sky.

I always say to myself, It’s not over yet. And the fact is that it’s never over. Not even close. I’ve got enough mojo to figure out what to do next, where to go from here. I’ve got heaps of ideas, but not too many good ones. I need more good ideas. I need brilliant.

Life is not at all like going down a slide into the water. That’s a child’s life.
Life is not like climbing a tree to get fresh bananas. That’s what animals do.
It’s not swimming or being out to pasture, that’s what horses do.

If I had to describe life, I’d say it’s much more like being at sea at night during a series of storms. There are times when the storm dies down and you start to think that it’s all going to be stars and dark sky and you think you’re going to sail forever slowly on a slow swelling sea, but it doesn’t last. The sky picks up again and starts throwing back water at the sea and there are sea monsters and sharks and the sea is not blue at night. It’s black and reflects the black sky and there is no moon.

When the moon does come up, you’re surprised at how big it is because you didn’t remember the moon as being that big. There’s a quiet and you’re there under the moon and you think what would make this scene perfect would be some whiskey. But you don’t have any. If you did, you’d have whiskey under the moonlight and wait until the storm picked up again. Which it is always sure to do.

I’m in the storm now. It’s a dark and stormy night. But later there will be stars and moonlight.

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