Home to Los Angeles

hidden falls 022

The Sequoias are all about cool wild air. It’s about peace and clean air. Big trees. Beer. Cooking over a campfire. The coffee you drink when you’re camping is instant coffee. At home you would never drink this stuff but when you’re camping, it’s great. Ditto for hotdogs. Why on earth would you eat something like a hotdog? Even the ones we were eating which were white turkey. If you’re aiming for nutrition, hotdogs are not high on the list, to say nothing of catsup. What is that? Stepped on tomatoes. We had Mexican food the first night which was good; the second night was hotdogs and the last night was spaghetti. In the morning I made pancakes or biscuits. At home these would have been called a bit irregular in size and shape but on a camping trip, they were a big hit. There were eight of us on this camping trip. We hiked, we drank beer and tequila, and we slept under the stars. There’s nothing like mountain air to clear your head.

We came home Sunday night and then Sally and Harper showed up and Mark went out and bought a barbecue and then the party got started. Eight people spent the night at our house; who knew our house slept so many? The party kept going on today with more people showing up in the middle of the day and my friend Susie came with her baby. William is the cutest baby in the whole world.

Tomorrow—back to work. It’s been a nice little break and it was great seeing everyone. But it is time to hit the books. Vacations are great, but work is what leads us to more time to write and go on more vacations.

I have a long list of jobs to do starting tomorrow, judging contests, reading manuscripts, editing manuscripts, etc. It’s very exciting. Next week NY and then DC to teach a workshop at Walter Reed. The life party rolls on.

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