I want to breathe more

But it isn’t easy. It’s crazy here. I’m working hard. I’m hanging on to my health. I’m saying to people around me, don’t drink too much. Breathe. But they never listen.

When I wake up I see light coming through the grilled curtain. The sun is rising. If you live with very few people, it’s easy not have anything to be embarrassed about.

It is in our private moments that we are craziest.

If alone you eat tongue and fried onions. Have you seen tongue in the store? Have you thought about what it means to eat a creature’s tongues or loins or belly? It’s enough to make you a vegetarian. Good bacon comes from little pigs.

Something is coming apart here.

I can’t see the end of it and there is no snow. Or rain either.

Today I went to the doctor. He wanted to go to Barcelona because he’s never been there.

Tonight there was broccoli. Every time I go to sleep I tell myself stories. Every time I go to sleep, I wonder.

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