We Will rock you ran for twelve years in London, but it can end in LA any time now


We saw it last night and it was good times especially the sushi before hand in Little Tokyo, and there were a few songs that were fun but the whole show was a miss. Mikael Wood said it best in his LA Times review when he said it wasn’t just the lame plot for the musical, or the trivializing of rock as a genre but the whole thing. Ruby Lewis is a great singer and all the singers were amazing so it wasn’t that. It was just a tragically badly written musical. What we wanted it to be was Mama Mia which was fun and each song sort of surprisingly fit into the whole fun musical. This had a weakly strung together plot and too many one liners that fell flat. My favorite one liner was, “Oh, I’m a groupie and a roadie, so I’ll have to have sex with myself. Well, no change there.”

The musical was about an escape from a dystopian world of Facebook and computer generated music back to the time when rock and roll was king but there was also a lot in there about how sexist rock and roll was. I think sexism is alive and well today too and feminism is still a bad word in most circles. Most of the time when I have a conversation with a woman we both talk and when I have a conversation with a man, it’s mostly me listening and I’m a chatty one. I hate to think how few words I’d fit in there if I were an obedient woman. I know very few feminist men my own age. Wait, I can think of two: My husband and my friend Lisa’s husband. I meet more feminist men the age of my kids, but men in their fifties and sixties who grew up with rock and roll? Not so much.

Well, we have no upcoming tickets to plays for a while because the semester is starting and it’s time to buckle down and work. That said, we are all going to the Sequoias and going camping this weekend. Which will be super fun. I’m going to try to stay relaxed this fall amid the travel, Red Hen stuff, getting back to running, keeping Pilates going, finishing another book and getting enough sleep. That’s the plan anyway. I’m getting a little tired reading the plan. Onward.

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