Lots of music in my life

The Bowl last night was great. I had this idea of catching up with Nicelle but there were six of us and it was kind of melting thing with the Mozart and wine. It was so great to hang with my San Diego poets. San Diego is a more relaxing place to live than LA, I’m pretty sure because they didn’t seem uptight.

My son and his girlfriend are pretty relaxed in LA but they’re kicking back, playing chess and checkers and riding the bikes. Waiting for the piece of crap car to emerge from the garage with a set of working brakes.

Luke, one of my San Diego poets was already there with Aimee when we got there. He announced immediately when we brought out the dinner that he’s a vegetarian, kind of like we should have known that. I don’t think he ate dairy either. I like that kind of forcefulness that is so hard to achieve if you’re female where you just enter a party and say, You should know, I like champagne. You should know, I don’t eat meat.

I don’t have the moxie for it but in my next lifetime, I will put my needs out there right away. They were all so much fun to hang out with even if our food selections were far from perfect.

We are going camping next weekend in the redwoods. I think six or eight of us are going. It’s a good thing because LA is already making me tired and I need a little vacation.

We’re going to the Bowl tonight to hear Beatles music. Billy Ray Cyrus is going to be there. Country music is not my thing so hopefully he sticks to the Beatles music.


Then we are going to see Queen the musical tomorrow night. Mark hates musicals so I haven’t stressed that word with him. I’m using the euphemism, “music by Queen.” Margaritas first should help. Spoonful of sugar or in his case salt.

Rocking in the free world.

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