Hawaii is magic

yippee 005

Hawaii is already starting to mix itself up in my head. That hike out to the Green sands Beach where the sand glittered green in the thick incoming sunset.

The waves coming in from the huge ocean coiled and uncoiled onto the rocks; they heaved onto the green sands. The waves were massive. I have never gone swimming in waves like that. Nothing like this. But Stephen and Tobi were going in. Definitely. You have to understand that I must do certain things. And I had already jumped off the cliff three times so then we had hiked to the beach. The sun was heat that almost sat on you. We ran out of water very early. The water looked good so we went in. Hardly anyone was swimming. It was far too dangerous. People got their feet wet. We swam past the huge waves that tower over your head like a church steeple, and finally got far enough out that the waves crashed over our heads but sometimes we got to the top of them.

It was all thick waves and light and crashing. I actually have bruised legs, and I think it’s from all the thrashing of the waves and the cliff diving. I don’t even know. I swam 100 laps a day in the pool, it couldn’t have been that.

There are green tiny lizards in the roof. The flowers and leaves are all green and red moving together in the gardens. The whole place is a sea of plants and water.

We went to so many beaches. The green swimming turtles coming close to us while we swam. I like turtles. The eels too. I like all the different kinds of fish in the Hawaiian seas. Especially the yellow ones and the clear ones. The long thin clear ones.

The thing about a real vacation is that you stop thinking you’re on vacation and you relax, you breathe. You stop thinking about your work every second and you know that what is on the other side of that door is living in the imagination.

That’s why we all became writers. Why did it become all about the business of writing? The good stuff is reading and writing. Vacations help you remember the good stuff. The real stuff. Magic sweet and green and red leaves.

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