Hawaii is super exciting. Small earthquake this morning, hurricane due to hit tonight

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No earthquakes have hit the Big Island since 1950 which is when they started to keep track. But right now, there are two headed this way. And that’s after the earthquake this morning. Yesterday we went to a beach with a lot of sea turtles swimming around and they swam right up to us and were kind of showing off their flippers. We saw clouds of yellow Tang swimming in schools but no Sunny D.
There were huge eels and baby eels as well.

Mark went to the store this morning for emergency supplies but no water was left. They bought chicken, beer and tortillas. If you have beer and tortillas, you can make it for a long time. You can live for weeks on that stuff. But it’s nice to have cilantro, green onions and tequila as well.

We are flying back to Los Angeles on Monday and on Tuesday we have an event at the Annenberg Beach House. We’re going to Gladstones in Malibu for a drink and then going to this event and then sushi! I leave Friday for Washington DC and then NY the following week.

Red Hen Press: Cynthia Hogue, Jodi Ann Johnson, Dana Levin, William Trowbridge
Tuesday, August 12, 6:30pm

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