Annenberg Beach House

I’m at the Annenberg Beach House Café drinking Grenache and getting ready for the reading at 6:30 pm. I can see the ocean and the girls in their thong bikinis racing along the walk, I see the ocean light reflecting upward, the sky blue with wisps of clouds. There’s an old guy running, he looks tired but he runs anyway because that’s what we do in Los Angeles. Dozens of women come into the café wearing string bikinis. They buy drinks and go back outside. I’ m getting hungry being here watching people eat their sweet potato fries which I love. My friend Andrea Scarpino is reading tonight with Garrett Hongo and David Mason. It should be a very good reading. I’m wearing heels and wishing that I weren’t. What I would give for sandals or flip flops. It’s hard to be bad ass in flip flops, near impossible some might say. It’s like if a naked man is yelling at you. You’re thinking, “Whoah, you’re naked. Look down man. You probably shouldn’t be yelling, let alone threatening me.” I mean, look at you, you’re naked.

I remember during the World Cup, they almost caught this guy who had been selling Cup tickets illegally. They got to his room just as he had left his Rio hotel. “He left behind his flip flops,” they said on the BBC and I couldn’t help thinking that you aren’t really a super villain if you are going around in flip flops in the first place. It’s hard to be hard core evil without shoes.

Tomorrow night we will our youngest son Steve and it’s his birthday on August 2nd. He will be twenty-three and when we last saw him it was exactly two years ago. We work a lot on vacations and this one will be more work than usual. And we swim. My ex-husband is coming the day after we arrive to join us.

Today I had lunch with my friend Lisa and she is so beautiful and has such quiet energy like she’s sifting big thoughts all the time. I would have liked to go into her pool and float but there wasn’t’ time. September 11th I will see my mother for the first time in over thirty years.

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