Vacations, Home to Los Angeles and writing

Some people don’t like vacations because what they really want is to work all the time. Working validates their sense of being important. One of the first questions men will ask when they’re in the hospital recovering from a heart attack is, “When can I go back to work?”

What’s most satisfying to you? Where’s your sweet spot? Being at home with your family? Being at work? Sitting in a bar drinking? Being at a jazz club? A coffee shop? A library. A strip club. A boxing ring. The gym. A court room. A beauty salon. The dentist office? (you are strange if you like going to the dentist or the hospital.) Writing in your quiet place? Writing at a café?

Find your own sweet spot but be willing to experiment. We are going on a family vacation this week to Hawaii. We like to snorkel, swim, think, read, rest, drink, eat sushi we make ourselves and play charades.

Tomorrow I am flying home to Los Angeles. Home to waves, ocean, palm trees, traffic, heat, sushi, my dogs/birds/chickens, dry heat, my books.

I grew up with ponds and I think about ponds and stories all the time. There are big stories you have to live inside of, to tell, to bring to the surface of the pond. The surface of the pond is lilies and stories and when you look way down to the bottom of it, you see stars.

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