Why do people get married?

Human beings are not monogamous by nature but we get married anyway. We don’t need to get married to have children or even to buy a house. We don’t need men to support us. What we need is to feel that we belong.

Women get married because they want someone to hang out with, someone to dance with. Someone to boss around. Someone to talk at. Someone to father the children. Discipline the children. Take out the trash. Make the other half of the money. Smile when you come out with a tight dress. Someone that gets excited when you’re getting funky. Someone who gets looped with you because they’re always willing to have a good time. Someone to talk with all the time that you’re driving north or south, east or west. Someone who you can weave a story with.

Men get married so they have someone to have sex with all the time. Whenever they want. Someone to create the circle of love. In that circle there is food, clean laundry, the house is tucked and warm, the windows open and friendly, the plates stacked and warm, the sheets clean and inviting. The pillowcases folded back. There are new toothbrushes. We are in a world we are both tucked and un-tucked at the same time. But mostly, we are inside rather than outside.

That’s why men act so lost when they lose their woman. They’re outside the circle of love.

Getting married is confusing for a lot of people. On the other hand, a long marriage is very satisfying if you can hang in there. The advantages are simple. You have someone to raise the kids with and someone who climbs mountains with you. Someone to go spelunking with. Or skydiving. But mostly to climb under the covers and go to sleep. I like couples who hang in there. There is no reason you have to get married these days, there are no princes and no princesses but there are frogs and frogs live in ponds on lily pads and they swim, frog style, they dive into caves, they come up into the open air and they sun themselves. Water and sunshine makes them sing.

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