Is the world going to end?

geronimo snacks on beaver 012
Nebraska is a wet heat, Greece was windy hot

Jesus had a lot to say about the end of the world. So did John in Revelations. The way Revelations sounds, the end of the world is just around the corner. The fact is that the world hasn’t ended yet in spite of thousands of years of predictions. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe firmly in the end of the world and therefore they can’t actually go to college because the world might end. Hence the poverty of most Witnesses. If you talk with them and you think, You seem like you haven’t been to college, that’s because they usually haven’t. Not that there aren’t millions of idiots who did go to college.

But back to the end of the world. When the Y2K problem was discussed, that was supposed to be about the end of the world. Three hundred billion (over four hundred billion in today’s money) was spent on Y2K preparedness and as it turns out, businesses and schools that did nothing to prepare had no problems at all. There was no emergency. All that money spent preparing for a catastrophe that was imaginary. I remember that we had planned to be out of town for Y2K but then decided to come back in case something happened. Nothing happened.

When someone tells me that the world is going end, that the United States economy is collapsing, that global warming is going to destroy the planet in my lifetime, that California is going to fall off into the ocean, that I or my children will be sold into white slavery if we continue to travel to Third World Countries. I always think, why do people say “white slavery,” in hushed voices like it’s so much worse than other kinds of slavery.

I don’t believe the world is going to end. I don’t believe the Rapture is going to happen. And if the world ends or the Russians attack or Jesus comes to take away all the right wing pundits and televangelists and their followers, leaving the rest of us behind, I’ll be fine.

First of all, because of my upbringing and all the camping, I am ready for the zombie apocalypse. Don’t try to scare to me and tell me bad things might happen to me.
I’m ready for anything.
I was born ready.
I’ve heard that before.
I’m ready for anything.
If you want to live in fear, enjoy yourself,
I’m swimming up to sharks and looking them in the face.
You know what I see?
Teeth. Lots of big teeth.
But I’ve got all my teeth too.
Bite me.

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