Life after you grow up

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You start off easy. You are in love with trees. You get excited by leaves falling and the way they pile up in yards. You like the colors of leaves in fall. Or you like palm trees, their fronds wide against the heat. You like flowers. You’re excited by roses. By lilies. You like sunshine. When it rains, you go outside and stand in it. You put on boots and you walk through water. The water splashes your legs. You like the puddles, the water, the splashing. You are very happy.

You grow up. You go to school. In school, you are told to do many things. Most of them make no sense. You start getting tired. Especially you are tired of people telling you what to do for no reason. You get angry, and then you get a break. It’s summertime. You like popsicles. You like lying around at the pool and swimming in the pool and eating sandwiches and you like eating and then lying around stuffed with egg salad sandwiches feeling kind of tired and thick with eggs and not having to do anything.

But then you go back to school and it all starts over again and it makes you very tired.

The older you get the more things there are to be upset about. School, kids that don’t like you. You have to eat carrots. You want nice jeans but don’t get them. You want to skip school, but you can’t. You want to just walk through the woods and fields but you can’t. You have to do stuff. You always have to do stuff.

You get a job and you have to pay for time now to go see woods and fields. You have to sit at a desk. You have to wear a collar. You have to stand in line. You have to do things for other people. You have to put up with other people who are just mean to you. You have to put up with people who are stupid. You cram stuff into long days full of work just to wait for tiny days when you can think and do for yourself. Those tiny days are consumed with driving and stuff that isn’t fun either.

There is a tree life out there somewhere. There is a big sky life. Walk away from Facebook and games and the television. Go outside with a book. Sit under a tree or in a hammock. Just read a book. Just listen to music. But get away from the games and the television. Facebook is never going to awaken your imagination. Give your parents a call. Family, books, trees, leaves, beaches, music. Friends. That’s what we have that matters.

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