Happy Anniversary

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Leaving for Nebraska tomorrow. It’s too soon to be leaving my home world. I like my bed, my garden, and having all the fruits and vegetables I can eat. Nebraska has a lot of meat and pork and corn. If I ate meat, I think Nebraska would be a really good place for a meal. The Lied Lodge where we stay is pretty nice, there are hiking trails through the orchards and of course the pool for swimming.

When I get back, it will time for Mark and I to celebrate our anniversary. We have been together for twenty years and have been married for fourteen. We looked better and younger when we first got married and before we had raised teenagers. We looked much more sprightly and energetic.

Here is what I have learned in twenty years of hanging in there.

1. Listening is important. Very important.
2. Kindness is way important. Just be kind! Even when you think they are wrong. If you’re mean, it breaks the love strand at least temporarily and there are only so many times you can break it.
3. If they make you laugh, you put up with a lot more.
4. It really doesn’t matter how you dress. Unless someone’s going to take your picture and then maybe it’s vaguely important.
5. The more stuff you can do together, the better.
6. Long conversations keep the story going.
7. When you travel, unless it’s for business, travel together.
8. Have fun together.
9. Kisses keep the story going.
10. Finding the right person takes magic. The right person is kind, funny, cool, crazy, adventurous and always on your side.

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