Delta Riot Police in Syntagma square cut down on fun vacation feeling

geronimo snacks on beaver 011

The Delta riot police are out in great numbers throughout the area around our hotel, Syntagma Square. They don’t want to be photographed, but the streets have many large riot buses which are equipped and with riot gear, and they police the streets near our hotel with machine guns. The feeling in the streets is oppressive. The police move around the square. It really slows down tourism in this country to have these unfriendly looking folks with these unfriendly looking machine guns and here in Syntagma Square it looks like a police state.

We went out last night with our friend Adrianne Kalfapoulou and drank quite a bit of Tspipouru and ate salad. One of the things that’s clear is that in the U.S. you can be friends with people of other parties in normal circumstances. But here in Greece, tensions are high enough that it’s hard to be friends with someone who is on the right if you are on the left because the stakes are high. In the U.S. the parties are so similar, each party competing for how much they can support the military industrial complex. But, here, the parties represent very different sides.

We are going to walk around the Acropolis a few more times before we leave. We did some great writing in Patmos just up the hill from the Cave where John wrote Revelations. We had revelations of our own as we each finished final editing of our books. I am still toying with my book here in Athens, but Mark has already finished his and sent it off to the agent.

We hope that what we’ve written will have the same magical realism that you see in Revelations with fire and danger and explosions and horses.

Here in Athens, excitement about the World Cup is high. Hopefully the Greeks are not protesting this weekend but watching soccer.

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