Lambi Beach

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Lambi Beach was like glass today so I swam all the way out, past the tall windmills on the hill and around the corner of the bay and then around the next and the next. Three dolphins swam very close to me and Mark got pictures of them swimming across the mouth of the bay. I kept swimming until I came to the small red sand beach where the red sandstone pours down into the beach and all the rocks and sand are red. There was no need for a swimsuit because there was no one swimming but me.

We get to Lambi Beach by eight or nine and Greeks don’t get there usually until noon. I stood on the red sand beach in a small cove and there was no one in sight. At Lambi Beach there is a small café which serves wine and fish, salads and fries. We had lunch there once and we had eggplant salad, bread which was still warm and stuffed squash blossoms. The old lady who owns the restaurant picks the squash blossoms in the morning and stuffs them herself with mint rice. They are so delicate and opening and yellow. Her garden is full of squash and sunflowers. There are two little boys, her grandsons I think who like to pretend to be great seamen in and out of the old boats. They are four year old twins. The light is thick glancing off the Lambi stones going down to the water.

We leave tomorrow on the midnight ferry to Athens so tomorrow is my last Lambi swim. One of the best parts is the swimming out hours a day into the sunlight and one of the best parts is riding the motorcycle going up and down the twisted tiny roads of Patmos with no helmet feeling the air and heat rush by. It’s so much more intimate than riding in a car with someone, and one of the best parts is the writing and one of the best parts is going to bed early and reading Lorrie Moore. She had a story about driving around Ireland with her mother and it wasn’t my favorite of her stories because she’s written better and yet it was my favorite because it was about all these places in Ireland where we went even the silly Blarney Castle where we went so Nicelle could kiss the stone and it worked for her because she got the job.

All of this is the best part. And Mark is always happy. He’s not a whiner. He’s always in a good mood on vacation. Sometimes he’s grouchy at home when dealing with work issues especially when his wife, (this part is sad) brings up work issues when he’s trying to relax at home. But on vacation, we’re humming. Los Angeles next week. Being here reminds me how dear our friends are to us and how lucky we are to have them, so to my friends: May you be blessed. May you be warm. May you be loved and may you know that you are loved.

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