Big Sky Days

geronimo and goats 015

I like days that feel like they have no ending. I like the sky spread out touching the ocean. The ocean is relaxing when you’re on safe land and it’s peaceful because you can feel where things start and there is no ending.

We get up in the morning and have coffee and we share this little mini cheese bread that they make on Patmos. Then we get on the bike and go exploring and then I swim a couple hours. We get lunch or come back and make lunch and in the afternoon we write. We usually just share a Greek salad. It’s too hot here to eat much. We don’t have dinner until 8 or 9 because it doesn’t feel like the day is ending.

We’re writing a lot here. And we’re reading too. I’m still on Lorrie Moore and Lydia Davis is next. The iPod has thousands of recordings so we can listen to Bach all day if we want to but we mix it up. Mark gets stuck on the Brandenburg Concertos and I can really get going on my Handel but we try to go rambling in the music department.

It’s great to be away from everything, from the dirt and noise and traffic of LA, to the constant feeling that you have more to do than you possibly can and that you’re running behind. When Mark and I are together, we don’t worry about dressing up or being too fancy. Being here makes me realize that shopping is such a waste of time.

I’m making dinner tonight and I’m keeping it simple. I am making eggplant, mushrooms and shrimp. When Mark is cooking, he times everything and even sometimes measures. I like the idea of timing and measuring, but I don’t do them. I like to drink wine and kind of toss things together and see how they come out.

Thursday we take the ferry back to Athens and we’ll write for a few days there and fly home Monday. It will be nice to have a couple days at home before I leave for Nebraska. I plan to swim a couple hours a day in Nebraska too, good thing they have a pool or I’d be paddling through the cornfields.

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