July 4th Bombs bursting in air.

geronimo 010

Good things to do for July 4th.
Go see fireworks. That’s kind of the key to July 4th.
Drink too much.
Picnic food
Eat potato salad with mayonnaise and get food poisoning.
Ditto for macaroni salad which makes me queasy to think about.

Macaroni and cheese. It’s been around longer than you think. Since the Middle Ages. Jefferson brought it to Monticello after enjoying it in France. You can be sure the way French make it was better than how we make it. But it took Americans to destroy what was originally a nice dish with lovely pasta and expensive cheese and make it what we call “comfort food,” which is inevitably pretty nasty. America’s other comfort foods are meatloaf and other things that happen in casseroles. I never made my kids eat casseroles and we never missed them.

Corn on the cob. I love it!

Watermelon and chicken on the barbecue. I love barbecued chicken.

However, we are in Greece and when in Greece. We are going out for Greek food tonight. We’ve been working hard on our writing today after I did a fairly scary swim out to the island with the little hermitage. I’m putting layers of 100 SPF on my face and was kind of letting the rest of me take a beating but it’s a bit much. My back is rather sunburnt at this point.

Yesterday I spotted this amazing yacht parked in a cove and I swam out to it. I so much wanted for Mark to see it because it’s so beautiful, like a dragonfly. Today it was parked in the Patmos Harbor. It’s an Oneira Yacht. I would love to see what it is like onboard but we walked right up to it and took pictures. This is Greece so no bodyguards to scare us off.

We have been making dinner every night so tonight we are going out to eat. I love the baked Greek foods, the eggplant and the clay pot chicken and this fish called Atherina which you can’t get very often. The olives here are amazing. There is a cat at this house which we are feeding and have named Maria Callas. I love Callas so much and I can’t believe Onassis left her for that Jackie O.

Greek food calls, Mark is waiting.

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