What I learned from books and movies

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There is a lot you can learn from reading books and watching movies. For example, things I know from No Country for Old Men, James Bond and all the Bourne movies.

1. They are always watching you even when they’re not watching you.
2. Never stay in hotel rooms when you are on the run.
3. Stay away from your friends’ houses, they know who your friends are.
4. Found money is always tracked. In Paul Auster books, you are always finding money all over the place, the stuff is in the trunk of your car, in your freezer. I keep checking my wheelbarrow but maybe the problem is that I’m not in a Paul Auster novel. But in reality, they are tracking the money with their little trackers, plus the money is marked.
5. They are tracking your passport and every ATM purchase and every phone call.
6. You need to dye your hair. Once you dye it, nobody will recognize you.
7. You can simply “lie low,” and be invisible if you have enough ninja skills.
8. Always be on the lookout for bad guys.
9. You can tell they are bad guys because they are all strong and ninja looking like Green Berets and they are the kind of people who would kill you for 10K, 100 K if you are important. I worry about that because I’m probably only worth about 1K so killers could be everywhere. That homeless guy on the street for example. I’m watching him.
10. Once you get away, you gotta lie low until someone else catches the bad guys. While you are lying low, you can have some drinks and get laid and have a good time. That’s what I’m doing here in Greece. I’m lying low. I’m incognito.

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