The benefits of not getting there in a hurry

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We came to Patmos by ferry which we boarded at 4:30 pm and we arrived at Patmos at 3:30 am. We actually took off at 7 pm. We sat at dinner and watched the huge ropes tossed into the water, the enormous ferry moved out slowly at first and then more quickly as it cleared the harbor. The man who untied the boat jumped on his bike and veered off into the dirt and crowds of Athens to find a beer. We ordered white Greek wine with a sort of light mineral flavor like the heat and light of Greece is shining through it. I had salmon for dinner, Mark had shrimp complete with their heads. Oddly, Americans are averse to seeing the heads of things we eat. We don’t want to look in their eyes.

It’s odd that this weekend is July 4th in the States and here there won’t even be a blip. They will be watching France play Germany and most of the Greeks will be urging the French to win. I’m sure my friend Darlene will be cheering the French madly.

But back to taking your time. One of my most memorable trips across the U.S. was in a Greyhound bus. I remember how badly everyone smelled and the way people kept playing the guitar, songs like “Bridge over Troubled Waters,” and Bob Dylan songs that they didn’t play so well. In Omaha, a woman got off and she had curlers in her hair that she’d been wearing for miles. Her biker boyfriend was picking her up and she wanted to look just so. I remember her combing out her hair in the bus station bathroom.

A couple years later I drove across the country alone eating only two chocolate bars to sustain me in the three and half days it took me to cross to Arizona. It was ridiculous. I didn’t have a job in Arizona, there was no rush, but by that time I had bought into the whole idea of being in a hurry and always thinking about the next thing instead of what I was actually doing.

Mark and I are finding time to relax here. We spend a lot of time on stuff for the press, but mostly we are breathing and writing. When I am not with Mark on the bike, he finds out how fast it can go. I tell him to slow down. I’m not scared on the hairpin turns, I just want to enjoy the scenery.

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