Athens so far

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We leave Athens today for Patmos, but we’ve been here for a couple nights catching our breath. We went out to my favorite restaurant in Athens last night which has a rooftop terrace from which you can see the whole Acropolis lit up and shining like a beacon of Western civilization. Of course, a lot of the Parthenon is at the British Museum and from there it shines like a beacon of Lord Elgin’s treachery, or so the Greeks say. Elgin did actually pry away parts of the Parthenon with a crowbar. He didn’t do it himself being a lord and all, but his team did. All over the Acropolis Museum there is signage reminding you of Elgin’s thievery. A piece of the Parthenon is at the Louvre also, but you don’t hear much about that.

Athens is a lot like Mexico at this point. There’s hardly a wall without graffiti, the train cars are tagged, whole apartment buildings are closed down. At lunch yesterday, five people accosted us for money and trust me when we travel, we do not look rich or even American. They always ask us if we’re Spanish or sometimes German. There is a huge convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses and they are literally everywhere. There were thickets of them at the Acropolis this morning.

If you’ve ever thought that Witnesses are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, you are right. They do not believe in college because the books you might read there are considered gangrene or pornography. They encourage ignorance and when you talk with their members you never find yourself asking whether they work at JPL or Cal Tech. But working at the Walgreens is a good thing too. The main reason you shouldn’t go to college as a Witness is that it wastes time in the “Last Days.” That’s why Witnesses are the poorest and have the lowest level of education of any religion in the U.S. Like I said, Walgreens.

But back to Athens. The whole city stayed up last night to watch Greece getting their ass handed to them by Costa Rica. They were hoping that Greece could stay involved this time. They say it’s a good thing that the U.S. doesn’t take soccer too seriously or they fear America would be dominating that sport as well.

I love walking around the Acropolis early in the morning and going to the Acropolis Museum, but it’s hot here and I am looking forward to our boat ride to the island. At Patmos life happens very slowly, and when we were there last time, there was no sign of the failing Greek economy. Athens is far away. The goats cross the road. Traffic stops.

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