“You have moonbeams in your hair.”

That’s what an older Irish gentleman told me in the pub last night. It was good to hear. He was holding my hands and looking deeply in my eyes and then he kissed me on both cheeks. I looked over at his friends. “Is this what everyone says in Ireland?” I asked. They laughed.

All over the world, there are lines for starting a love affair. “I love your eyes,” is always a good place to start and probably a line that works even if she is wearing a burkha. There are lines in Greece, in Japan, in Russia and Finland. There are lines that Eskimos use and lines that skinny dippers use in Bali. The lines should be easier the fewer articles of clothing the person is wearing because you can start with some part of the other person’s anatomy and comment from there. Usually you start with the face. The eyes are probably the most commented on part because girls generally like to think that you are in love first with their soul, their core, their inner selves and where else do you find that except in the eyes? Starting with the breasts is generally a big no no. For example, “Wow, you’ve got some huge tracts of land…”

Inish Beg is surrounded by water. It’s one hundred acres of woodland with an orchard, bees, ponds, forest, one pond has a human size bird cage. There’s an old graveyard and next to it, a walled up church and a falling down church. There’s a boat yard where Doug’s been painting. Having Jen’s painter boyfriend along has been great as he’s always sketching and you keep thinking about the visual in everything you write. Jen and I taught the workshop the first four days with a combination of talking about writing, workshop style analysis and actual writing and the last day Mark talked about publishing and Doug worked on sketching out their work and talked about how someone would respond visually. Doug’s an artist who does a lot of drawing, painting and story board work.

We leave Ireland tomorrow for Greece where the writing begins. Jen and Doug are off to France, some people are staying here in Ireland. I’d like to go to Dublin next time we’re here. We may come back next summer. There was a lively conversation last night about countries that we want to visit. Costa Rica, Italy and Spain drew 9 votes. There was a tenth and eleventh vote for Spain that I didn’t count because one came from a man at a different table and Carmen raised both arms hoping I wouldn’t notice. Doing Ireland again drew 8 votes as did France. Holland, Germany, and Scotland drew 7. Malaysia, Greece or Portugal 6. Jerusalem lagged behind with only five votes. Palestine only received one vote unless I missed something. Notice that this is democracy at work. Only ten people voting and look at all those votes. I want to go to all these countries. I would add in Venezuela, Peru and Chile, Ecuador, Austria, Poland and Russia. I have a lot more travelling I want to do. Mark and I plan to see the world, not just the safe parts or the clean parts, but also the crazy parts and the dirty parts and the wild parts, the wet parts, the gamey parts. Here’s to Writing Retreat 2015.

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