Ireland is like Narnia

It was kind of a blur getting here. We flew United which isn’t the most pleasant carrier if you compare it to European airlines; we arrived in Heathrow and somehow I thought we could get through the four checkpoints in two hours and catch our connecting flight. Fortunately our Irish flight was late because in Heathrow they like to thoroughly examine every orifice, and they did a pretty good job of feeling over me personally as well. Beware of travelling with breasts; TSA people will get their hands on them and in England, they will feel you up fore and aft.

After that pleasant experience, we loaded onto the little plane to Cork, landed there and rented our small car. We were getting the car from Hertz and because our plane was late, they gave our car away and we had to wait a couple hours. They kept urging us to go to a pub to wait but that seemed like a terrible idea after a long international sleep deprived flight and before getting into a tiny stick shift on the wrong side of the car to drive on the wrong side of the road.

We got to our hotel and slept and went out for dinner and then went back to the airport for Nicelle. We drove down from Cork yesterday to Skibbereen. Inish Beg is between Skibbereen and Baltimore. It is literally a one hundred acre wood and there are large trees in which owls live, but no tigers or kangaroos that I have seen so far. Only sheep and cows which hardly ever show up in children’s stories unless they are jumping over the moon.

We went to Casey’s Tavern last night and drank a great deal of cider and Guinness and ate fish and chips and I had a big pile of the local mussels . I love mussels and these were great. Today we start workshop. I plan to read, hike around, write, rest, think, but I may have ruled out swimming.
Once you start getting out and walking around the world, you see it is far larger and greener than you ever imagined.

When I am here, I don’t miss home at all because I’m with Mark. When I travel without him, I miss him, the dogs, my own bed, my bath, I miss sushi and Mexican food, I miss my own cooking and his cooking. I miss our coffee and our music. I miss our garden. But when I’m travelling with Mark, I bring home with me so I don’t need to say, Don’t let me be lonely.

Ireland is very wet and green. It hasn’t rained since we got here, but if it does, we’re going to listen to Enya in the rain. Very cliché I know but we’ve already had Guinness and fish and chips, so we’re deep into it. Our house is in the woods surrounded by trees, you can see down to the water and the hills beyond. It’s like Narnia.

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