Pilates Porter Ranch

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Let’s talk about Pilates. I have had three classes this week. I am a bit sore but still planning to go for a long run tomorrow.

But let’s talk about the Pilates. It was invented by a German guy named Joseph Pilates. Balanchine thought Pilates was all that and had his dancers do them and now Pilates has spread everywhere like the plague. I don’t know what this German had in mind, but it was not my personal comfort. Perhaps he wanted women to look tight and shapely.

Pilates in Porter Ranch—my conclusions so far:
1. There are a lot of exercises that require coordination and balance which unfortunately yours truly is a little short on but I do my best.
2. There are a few exercises that I am really good at but not enough.
3. You can figure out most of the exercises by watching the other women. They tell me that after a year, you really catch on.
4. The other women are almost all under thirty and know exactly what they are doing. They are determined, energetic, focused and they make the whole thing look like they were born to it.
5. The instructors are ridiculously beautiful, perfect booty, legs, everything, they are like creatures from outer space. They warn me not to take the Saturday instructor; they say I will injure myself, so I take their advice.
6. The instructors are super nice! They don’t give you a hard time if you can’t do something. Not that this happens to me.
7. Even though the whole thing is kind of fierce and you are working so hard you can’t believe it, it’s kind of fun in a masochistic kind of way. For one thing, they switch up the exercises really often and for another thing, it only lasts 40 minutes for the whole class.
8. My advice to anyone who thinks they want to do Pilates is this: Do not take anyone you know with you because if you make a fool of yourself, it’s better if you are not with friends. I am never going with anyone I know. I like the anonymous part of it. A sea of fit women.
9. Pilates is all about the core and I want my core self to be strong so I’m going to keep going.
10. I am going to continue with this as soon as I get back from teaching/vacation. In a short amount of time I plan to look like the instructors. Well, maybe a couple of years. Pilates is kind of fun, really I’m not kidding.

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