Driverless Cars and planes that run on bio fuel

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Certain technology scares me to think about. One of those is driverless cars. Let’s start here, if you are an African American male, would you want to get into a driverless car? Many people of color are randomly stopped by police officers and some are even arrested for crimes they did not commit. I think if you’re a black person, driverless cars could prove fatal. What about if you’re an ordinary citizen off to some unsavory business or even off to have an affair or a meeting with anyone you’d prefer not to discuss? Do you want to get into a driverless car where all your movements would be tracked?

At this point, all your movements are tracked anyway by your phone or anything you’re carrying around that has a magnetic strip, but still it’s another step.

Apparently driverless cars could be a real boon for blind people and let’s face it, if you’re blind and just going to a restaurant or the drycleaner, you’re probably pretty safe. Unless you’re a frisky or naughty blind person which is always possible. Google is the one developing the robotic cars in this country and let’s face it, they know when you’re awake, they know when you’re asleep, they know when you’re watching porn and they know what you’re buying and shopping for. Facebook and Google and Amazon and Verizon know every move you make.

And then there are jet planes running on biofuel. That will be a reality in my lifetime, we’ll be flying a long on corn or soy or wheat grass. It’s a little disturbing when you think about how we count on fuel to keep us in the air, but it’s a different kind of fuel.

By 2050, there will be nearly ten billion people on the planet. That’s in my lifetime. I plan to live a really long life and give my grandchildren a lot to think about.

Nebraska is being hit by hailstorms.

We are having a champagne brunch party at our house on Sunday with lots of kids.

This Pilates are not getting easier and I am sore after them.

Next week we are having a reading at the Annenberg Beach House on June 10th at 6:30 pm.
You should come! It’s going to be fantastic.

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