We are leaving for Ireland in two weeks.

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I am kind of jazzed about it. I won’t be on vacation because I am teaching a workshop there on writing and how to get published, but still it’s a lot of fun to be in another country. This place where my friend and I teach is outside Cork. We fly into Cork and then drive there. It’s down at the southern tip of Ireland. When we were in Ireland last year, we were up in Leenane for three weeks. It was cold and wet; it even hailed one day. We were very excited by the wet. They can’t really grow much there in the way of fruit and vegetables. Potatoes grow there and some other root vegetables and of course there are sheep everywhere. No goats, just a few horses, but a lot of sheep. Ireland is absolutely beautiful, lush and green like a wet green garden of a place. People seem generally pretty happy and indeed funny in Ireland considering the dismal history of the Emerald Isle.

We were up there at the Leenane Hotel where we would hang out in the evening drinking beer and tea and brandy and using the free Wifi. I even had a board meeting while I was there, never going to do that again. I stood out in the rain by the water and the wind and rain came down. I could hardly hear myself think let alone ear anyone on the phone. Anyway, at the hotel, I asked this guy who said he went to Cork all the time whether the weather would be different there. He said, “Oh it will be quite different, you’ll see when you get there. Sunshine, palm trees. It’s just like California.”

Ireland is going to be a good week of work and walking around in the green. Then we go on vacation. A writing retreat vacation. To Greece. We will get some writing done there. And I’m going to swim.

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