Earthquakes are popping up in Southern California


From July 2013 to July 2014 is the highest predicted risk, 75% of a major earthquake, so for all you preppers and want-to-be preppers out there, here’s a list of what you want to have at your house.

Assume in a major earthquake that it would be good if you have a garden, that way in case of an earthquake or a zombie apocalypse, you will have something that your neighbors won’t have: Salad.

Assume that there would be no electricity, no gas and no cell phone coverage. This should help you for about 72 hours, after that you may want to be able to walk to parks and shoot rabbits, California quail and coyotes although I wouldn’t recommend the latter. A real emergency is no time to be a vegetarian. But for the first few days you should be able to make do with the following unless you’re a raw food eater or Gwyneth Paltow.

Here is the list:
1. Water
2. Some kind of barbecue would be helpful for cooking.
3. Flashlights and extra batteries
4. Canned food
5. Pasta, rice and beans
6. Some energy bars
7. A first aid kit
8. A tent in case you have to move outside of your house
9. The means to make fire
10. Some sort of Gatorade, Powerade, even the powder kind.

Other stuff that I need in case of emergency:
Batteries to keep my music and speakers going
Lots of books—but I always have that
Pet supplies

Make sure you have all the supplies you need in case of an earthquake or zombie apocalypse. Other foods you might consider:
Koreans eat cooked silk worms, Chinese allegedly eat rats. So, explore new possibilities.

And this on the Moon Landing for all you who wanted the final word…
‘They were never there at all,’ said baffled Chinese Foreign Minster, Wang Yi, …
The findings were even more disappointing for the scientists who created the probe. They had equipped Jade Rabbit with special cutting tools for shredding any American flags it found and replacing them with China’s own. Special legs were also fitted so that the rover could sidle up to remnants of any American spacecraft and kick it and kick it and kick it in the most contemptuous manner possible.
… ‘Our policy was simple: all they would have to do was ask us to lend them the money to do it. And then we’d say no. Ha ha ha ha ha! Pig dogs! It’s such a shame that we won’t now get the chance to HUMILIATE them again.’
The Chinese lunar programme is set to accelerate, Mr Yi confirmed. ‘We are building a space centre in the Gobi desert, with a mission control room, astronaut training and a massive sound stage made to look like the moon from where our fake landing will be broadcast to the world in 2016,’ he stated, completely oblivious to the fact that he may have given too much away and will probably be shot in the morning.
White House press secretary Jay Carney refused to comment, but was heard muttering under his breath that ‘those bastards will copy anything’.

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