Party with the Spielbergs and Jonah Hill

Premiere Of Twentieth Century Fox's "The Watch" - Arrivals

As I arrived at the party last night, dressed in orange with heels and crazy jewelry, the valet took my hand. “You’ve arrived in time,” he purred. “Mr. Spielberg just arrived.” Clearly, I looked far more important than I am, and looks are everything in Hollywood. I had arrived at the New Visions party, a fund raiser for the Coalition for Engaged Education. The party rocked.

There were these cool minty vodka drinks and the little bits of food they pass around. People in So Cal can really dress for parties. More stilettos under the pepper trees than you can imagine. Delicate blond girls their faces curving in the cool light of the setting sun. My man ACA Cool was there doing the sound but this guy also has stuff on Youtube.

Everyone also has a screenplay, a band, a wild card. Los Angeles is a wild card.

Speaking of wild cards, Steven Spielberg introduced his kids’ band Wardell, which he said he’d never done before, and they played a couple songs at the end of the evening. Theo and Sasha Spielberg are amazingly talented. She looked so adorable in her tight white pants and Theo is so cool; I liked their music! A tropicalized indie folk music that’s soulful rather than angry.

Steven Spielberg read a poem, his wife Kate read a poem. Both of them are, as you can imagine, trim and dapper. She is very beautiful and looks like she’s in her late thirties? as does her friend Sally Fields. Sally and I were standing in line for drinks, now what a lovely person she is. And she read, Maya Angelou’s “Ain’t I a Phenomenal Woman,” so well.

Gwyneth sang with Wardell in her black short skirt and jacket; her legs so elegant, like a gazelle. She is as slim as a fourteen year old. Perfect skin, svelte, like light is shining from her. She read “I will Rise,” also from Maya Angelou. I was also was pretty excited to see Laura Dern who radiates happiness and beauty. Do none of these people age? I guess not.

Henry Winkler was so fun on stage with Jonah Hill. I wanted to ask Jonah if I could take a picture with him so badly because I am telling you , in person, Jonah is so delicious you just want to kiss him. He has the most kissable mouth! It’s ridiculous how cute he is! But I restrained myself.

Prophet Walker who is running for State Assembly spoke and now let’s talk about the best speaker of the whole night, the man who opened the evening, Sir Ken Robinson himself. He is so funny and smart, and over 26 million people have seen his TED talk. If you haven’t, you might want to jump right on that.

I love Ken, and he made the whole case for why we need engaged education as did Max Winkler and Luke Silver-Greenberg. They had wonderful energy, and they were joined on stage by a woman named Kelly who added to the excitement as well.

Paul Cummins works tirelessly for engaged education and this event will, I’m sure, be the first of many. I am very proud to be his friend and to know the work he does. I like makers, I like entrepreneurs, and the room was full of them from Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg to ACA Cool. Big dreams take big dreamers. Party on.

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