Why this generation needs more money than we ever did

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We didn’t need to go out to eat.
We didn’t need electronic stuff. We did not need expensive stereos, or iStuff or anything else. We were surprised if someone had money money for beer and pizza. This generation buys music and books and goes out to eat. But before I blame them too readily let me say that my generation has enough money for sushi and travel and wine. So, I’m not complaining.

Great weekend so far. We saw the movie Godzilla; it was a CGI monster movie. A lot of CGI, some would say too much. There were multiple monsters. And there was very little of the movie where you didn’t have huge ungodly monsters traipsing around destroying American cities. You had the usual tropes. The robotic soldier limping along like in Terminator, the bad queen monster with a huge clutch of eggs getting ready to hatch more monsters. The thick monster rising out of the sea. In spite of great performances by Juliette Binoche, (how did they convince her to be in this movie?), David Strathairn, and Ken Watanbe (who I could make a very happy man), he is absolutely adorable; however, both he and I are both married so that’s that, but Ken, if I ever see you, can I just give you a kiss?

Let me say that the movie was incredibly fun. An excellent popcorn movie. There are no other summer movies that I am dying to see. Some suggest that The Edge of Tomorrow is going to be a good movie, but seriously, isn’t Tom Cruise over now? He is worth 350 million, and he never needs to work again and I think he should stop trying to make movies at this point. He’s a crazy Scientologist and he has danced his last dance.

He is part of the Scientology cult which makes him the laughing stock of millions. What we all wish is that he would realize that Scientology leadership is laughing at him. The leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, worth 50 million, much of which he got from Cruise, (he pays himself 3 million a year) allegedly murdered his wife, Shelly Miscavige. He targeted a list of the lower IQ actors: John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, and Tom Cruise and decided to get as much money out of them as possible. Extortion is uncomfortable but it’s all for the chilliest. David Miscavige is chilly. But at this point, I don’t want to see any movies with Tom Cruise in them especially moves that look like a remake of Oblivion. Cruise, if you want America to watch your movies any time again, you need to leave Scientology. They are scam artists. They are taking your money. They are laughing at you.

Cruise continues to try to jump-start new franchises like “Jack Reacher,” missing the fact that Hollywood is increasingly moving toward ready-made, recognizable film series like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Star power matters less than it has in years — yet Cruise seems more interested in trying to carry blockbusters on his own than in developing his potential as a character actor in smaller films. After “Edge of Tomorrow,” Cruise has only one more film project secured, yet another “Mission: Impossible” sequel.
Cruise isn’t the only ‘90s megastar to fall off the map, but at the moment, he’s the only one who seems to be ignoring the realities of his career. Take Harrison Ford, who, after his mega-success as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, had a string of hits in the 1990s with “The Fugitive,” “Clear and Present Danger” and “Air Force One.” When Ford’s box office returns started to sag with bombs like “Hollywood Homicide” and “K-19: The Widowmaker,” Ford began moving into supporting roles. Aside from a one-off return to the Indiana Jones franchise in 2008, Ford hasn’t received top billing in years, and he seems content in crankier roles like his characters in “Ender’s Game” and “42.”


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