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The play Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike was super fun. It was funny, the acting was all way over the top especially the Cassandra character, but it was fun. The casting was great and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good comedy. And the set was to die for.

The next plays I plan to see are Happy Days at the Boston Court and We will Rock You, the musical based on Queen. I am pretty concerned that I am not going to find anyone to go with me to see Queen. But, I know all the songs. I have to go and sing along with them. I could have been a rock star if I only were a better singer. Boston Court has this other play Stupid Fucking Bird based on the Seagull, it looks awesome but I’m gone while it’s playing, so I’ll probably miss it. But, I try not to miss any Beckett plays trolling around Los Angeles.

Elise and I went to Urbn Pizza after the play. At midnight, it was so loud in there you had to shout, but it was worth it! The salad and pizza were delicious. Mark and I haven’t had pizza since the kids moved out so it was pretty great to have some. Who doesn’t like pizza? We had eggplant pizza and a caprese salad, but the ridiculous thing was they made us these mescal drinks that were great. I love mescal so much. Elise and her husband Jared are really making their house and yard super cute. They have these two dogs and the naughty one is Scooter who is the other love of Elise’s love, well, Scooter thinks he is the main love and that Jared’s the other love. Scooter tries to insist that Elise pay attention to him all the time. He’s like a monkey on her back but in a good way, like if you were an organ grinder and you love your monkey. He is really a dear little dog and he made me laugh. She made us this great breakfast of kale and eggs and then put me on the train. I’m having lunch at Palominos with Ellen McLaughlin and then this art opening at Bergamot. And then, you know it! Godzilla!

Tomorrow is going to be more relaxing. Karen and I are meeting at the Korean spa for one of those scrub/massage things and we’re going to sushi. But first thing in the morning, I need to run a half marathon. I’ve been slacking on the running and that’s not acceptable. I don’t want anyone to think of me as a slacker. I won’t have it.

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