Off to Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike

kk 017 my roses!

Amtrak just announced that you cannot smoke on the train, not even if you have a prescription for it. Good God, what is the world coming to? No toking on the Surfliner? What do they think we’re doing on this train, we’re supposed to be surfing.

Half kidding people. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve smelled someone smoking weed on Amtrak, I would be doing pretty damned well.

My friend Petra Eiko took me to the Lobster today for lunch. It’s right on the Santa Monica Pier and we each had a lobster salad which was ridiculously yummy. I just remembered that I REALLY like lobster. It’s a special food you never get on the West Coast. Maybe when I’m in New Hampshire this fall reading at River Run Bookstore, I’ll see if I can get some. Petra gave me these martini glasses so now I can make martinis at home! As soon as I learn how. Tobi and I have major skills when it comes to pie making and drink making so there is no doubt we could learn.

Yesterday I gave out groceries to the homeless which I really like to do in Santa Monica, but sometimes I forget to bring the groceries. Mark gave me some to take along. Some homeless people say they don’t want food only money.

Speaking of food, I’m a little disturbed by the proliferation of sushi sold in gas stations, train stations and even at the airport. Okay, you are boarding a plane to JFK. Do your seatmates want you eating potentially bad sushi in the seat beside them? Do they want to smell the sushi? No and No. Sushi is one of my all time favorite foods right up there with lobster, Lisa Krueger’s carrot cake, tiramisu, Jacqueline Tchakalian’s mincemeat pie and Jelly Belly assorted jelly beans. Food of the gods that’s super healthy, that’s what I focus on. But sushi is not something I’m going to buy at 7-11 or LAX or union Station. But that’s just me. I’ve had dysentery in Guatemala and Salvador and it’s not fun. I have eaten shark eye balls though and on a dare have taken out my contact lenses and swallowed them. But I was young and foolish then. Now I’m smart.

I missed my train to San Diego by ten minutes because Memorial Day traffic was horrible, so now I’m on the later train and won’t get to have dinner with my friend Elise! Maybe after the play we’ll grab a bite. We’re going to see Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike at the Old Globe.

Tomorrow is a quiet day. Train home. Lunch at Palomino’s with Ellen McLaughlin. Going to an art opening at Bergamot Station which Congressman Waxman is also attending. Then Godzilla! Yes, we must see this movie. It seems like a real thinking person’s movie. If that person has decided to take a break from thinking. Popcorn movies are so much fun in the summer time.

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