Poetry Party

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The poetry party last night honoring Jill Bialosky at the Botanical Gardens was absolutely amazing. Poets there were: Kim Addonizio, Alice Fulton, Kimiko Hahn, Mary Stewart Hammond, Marie Howe, Major Jackson, Julie Sheehan, Philip Shultz, Molly Peacock, Stanley Plumly, Honor Moore, Donna Masini, and Eliabeth Macklin. The flowers at the garden were magnificent: Dahlias, foxgloves, Queen Anne’s lace, peonies, it was so beautiful and magical.

I’m happy to be back in Los Angeles. We had a party today at the press for outgoing staff members complete with cupcakes from Dots.

In New York, my laptop cord stopped working so I went to Staples and asked if they had one. This guy tells me that they don’t have any. So I go look anyway because the guys at Staples usually aren’t all there, and sure enough they had the cord. The guy was following me and he assured me that the cord I found would not work. So I told him I’d buy it anyway. He said, “What for?” And I said, “for decorative purposes.” When I got the cord back to the hotel, it worked like a charm. So, if you are at Staples and you are looking for something and they say they don’t have it, keep looking.

I felt whipped when I got home like I’d left behind some of my brain matter. Mark took me to shiatsu and made me raw green juice and I’m starting to revive. All I need is ten hours of sleep and I’ll be myself again. Well, I’m probably only going to get seven or eight, but I dream of ten.

I will be reading at Stories books and Café Tuesday night with Brendan Constantine and Janet Fitch!

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