Five good reasons not to go to college

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1. Sallie Mae. It’s the way of getting the middle class working and keeping them working. We can’t have this business where young people start wandering around the world just doing whatever they want to. We need them going into debt and then working at low paying jobs for the rest of their lives. We need them to not have the ability to go anywhere.

2. Whatever you go to school for, you will probably end up doing something else later. So why not start doing something else now?

3. While in college, your professors will attempt to replace your parents’ conservative ideas with their liberal ideas. Do you really want to have that happen to you?

4. Going to college requires you to spend four to ten years sitting at a desk, taking exams, and reading many books when you could be travelling the world, fishing, skydiving, reading, painting, and becoming an adventurer; think Harrison Ford in well, pretty much all the movies he’s ever been in or if you’re a girl, think of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, 1 and 2. Sure you could argue that she only gets to show two of her talents in those movies, but those two are enough to move you profoundly, so If you have not seen those movies, do check them out, I’m sure you’ll be invigorated by her talents.

5. Last and best reason to NOT go to college: Because if you do, they own you. You know how you call it your house even though technically the bank owns it until you pay it off when you turn eighty? Same thing with student loans. They own you until you pay them off, and until then you aren’t going anywhere.

Okay, I have mixed feelings about the Sallie Mae racket. My daughter and I have student loans which we’ll be paying back for decades. My son is turning 23 this year. He’ been backpacking around the world instead of college. If he comes back from travelling and gets a job making more than we do with his zero college degree, we’re going to have to rethink whether this was a good plan. Half kidding. College was the right move for us. We liked the swim of books and languages, but college is definitely not for everyone. Some people should just get a job, do something they like, learn while on that job how to do it better. Most of what you will learn about work, you’re going to learn on the job. You learn to work by working. You learn compassion by practicing it. College is not for everyone. I am learning to write by writing, to dream by dreaming.

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