What do women want?

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Okay, guys out there, I’m going to give you some help. Here you go.
1. Notice her and comment that she looks nice.
2. Don’t keep staring at her breasts. That’s just rude.
3. If she’s wearing something low cut, she’s probably hoping you will notice her cleavage. Tell her she looks sexy. But don’t stare.
4. Do not criticize her for anything. You just don’t get to do that, so don’t even try unless she asks you how she looks in those shoes, that short dress, that blazer that’s squeezing her hips till she looks like juice pouring out of a juicer. Then say, I’m not sure that’s doing the best for you.
5. Offer to help her with stuff she’s struggling with. This is my least favorite thing—when they say they can’t help. I tell my husband that I need help with something like smogging the car. He tells me that the car probably won’t pass smog. Don’t say that, I’m not listening. Just say that you are happy to help. He did take the old car in to be smogged and the guy said the car is not road worthy and is not safe. They couldn’t even smog it without tying it down. Let me think about the comments I could make about that situation. Our tiny white car had to be tied down because it was shaking so badly he thought it would shake apart.
6. Do not mention when she’s had to much to drink. We do not want to hear that.
7. Love her, love her kids. That is a given. You cannot have a woman’s whole heart unless you dive in and get the kids to like you too.
8. Give her a good time. Every day. One date a week is not a relationship.
9. Be generous. Many a man has lost his woman by sheer stinginess.
10. Love largely, make a room in the home that’s all hers. Expect love in return and be kind.

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