What do you care about?

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What is important to you is not important to lots of other people.

We each are allowed our own obsessions. You like coffee, in fact, you like a certain kind of coffee. You like Starbucks or Peets or Stumptown. You buy your own green coffee beans and you roast them yourself and then grind them. It’s the only way you’ll drink your coffee.

You insist on reading the New Yorker, Believer and the Atlantic Monthly. Plus you read all the important blogs. You don’t know how anyone can get through their day without reading the New York Times. You despise people who watch Fox News. What can they be thinking? Oh, you remember now, they’re not thinking. People who watch Fox News have no brain. My ex is dating different ladies he meets online. You do not need to contact me, he tells them, if you watch Fox News. He’s always been a fan of brainy women.

You like to eat healthy and you want others to as well. Our recent houseguest Tim was simply swimming in facts about how you should treat your body, what you should eat. It was good information but I don’t want to live a life of the body. Talking about what you should eat makes me want fries, ketchup and a martini. Too much health can be a bad thing, I argue. I like to eat healthy, but I try to not make it an obsession. But that’s just me.

Some of you care about shoes and have lots of shoes to show for it, some of you care about dresses, makeup, taking care of your skin.

There are big obsessions like your children. I don’t understand people who have children and don’t think much about them since I think about my kids all the time.

Or what about travel, history, books? What do you think is important? The problem is that our own priorities become paramount to us and it’s hard to realize not everybody shares them. I like learning about other people’s obsessions.

I want to meet a person who knows all about mirrors, the Hubble telescope, space travel, racehorses, climbing roses, Hemingway, Duras, magic. Any of those would give me ideas for more research, for more poetry. Walk out of your story into someone else’s story. You’ll be surprised what you find there.

See you Tuesday night at 6 pm at the Annenberg Beach House!

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