Beach House reading!

KK 097

Reading at the Annenberg Beach House on Tuesday night! With Kim Dower, Jim Tilley and Ron Koertge at 6 pm. It’s going to be fantastic. We’re going to have yummy cookies and fruit.

I’m on a flight back from Chicago, and I am glad to be home for ten days. Really glad. I need to run this week, and my plan is to start Pilates and yoga this week. I actually have never done Pilates and they are way outside my usual workout routine which involves running in the morning until I can’t feel the residual tequila or vodka in my veins. Pilates and yoga are a whole other level of working out, I’m sure it will be surprising, maybe not in a good way.

Things that have actually happened to me in airports and on planes:

I have run in my bare feet through the Philly airport holding my boots.

I have sat beside a father who asked the stewardess to do something to discipline his kids.

I walked into an airport and saw a pilot walking toward me. His eyes got huge and smiled. I looked down and realized the top two buttons of my blouse were undone and the situation was out of control. I could not stop laughing.

I’ve gotten up at 5 am, 20 miles from LAX and caught my 6 am, on time, plane to DC.

I’ve slept in the DFW airport with a small blanket from American Airlines. They laughed. I kid you not.

I have left the following items on planes: Laptop, wallet, date book, glasses, hat, cord, European converter plugs, scarf. I recovered all of these.

I’ve been stranded in airports many times, I remember Heathrow, DFW, LAX, Denver, JFK and Istanbul.

People like to say that flying sucks, but that’s the wrong attitude. You have to embrace the whole experience and find your own way to be at home in your tiny seat.

Tuesday night I went out with my San Diego students to Tiger, Tiger in San Diego which had crazy great fries. I could have eaten just the fries but I also had this cheese sandwich which was good especially because I never have cheese sandwiches. The great thing was the beer– steins and glasses, a whole galaxy of great beer. When I left the galactic empire of beer, I rode the midnight train to L.A. My San Diego students are great writers but they’re not playing poetry games, they’re not morose, they’re not bitter or crazy or tortured. I’m going to miss them.

We’re going to Mexican food tonight with David Mainelli, at least that was the plan when I left for Chicago. We’re going to Los Toros where the margaritas are questionable but the food is good. Questionable margaritas are better than none at all. I need to do a long run tomorrow, so I’m going easy though.

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