Run Away to Africa

Signs you might be travelling too much.

1. When you wake up, you hear the song from Virgin America, the one that tells you what to do if we’re all landing in the sea.
2. All the movies you’ve seen in the last month were on planes.
3. You have a favorite food on Virgin. In my case the Artisan Cheese Box with white wine. Sad! Truly sad. How can you have a favorite airplane food!
4. You know where to get a good martini with olives and that sheen of ice I love so much right before you get on the plane. Gladstones.
5. You know not to eat the food at Gladstones.
6. You have a favorite parking space at the airport and at The Parking Spot at Sepulveda.
7. You always sit in row 13 on Virgin because you carry your own luck with you everywhere you go.
8. You have TSA guys that say hi to you.
9. You have conductors on the train that know you by name.
10. You always have a suitcase packed.
11. You sometimes pick up your dry cleaning and immediately pack it into another bag.
12. You stop at the drycleaner on the way back from the airport and quickly dump all the clothes so they can be cleaned. YOu change into shorts and a tank top at the drycleaner.
13. You can sleep on a plane or a train pretty well but at home you’re restless.
14. You wake up and can’t remember where you are. That’s a given. What city? What room? Where? Fortunately in my case, not who with? I know.
15. You know which bathrooms have the shortest lines at Terminal Three.
16. You know that you need to travel in comfortable clothes that still are sexy and make being felt up the TSA staff a pleasurable experience.
17. You know that candy makes flights go better.
18. You know to say hello to people next to you in the seat but nobody wants you to actually talk with them.
19. You feel at home in an airplane seat.
20. You think every trip is an adventure.

When I get back from this trip, I am home for nine nights. And I Iike that. I’ve slacked off on the running and with all the travel I’ve been down to 30-40 miles/week, but I’m back on top of my game next week, I’m home and I’m running 60 miles.

Seize the day, I say to myself. Run away to Africa. Run. My son has done all that. He has travelled to Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, all over Europe, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand. That’s living life on the wild side. The problem with not having many friends is that you could be someone who has had many adventures but nobody knows or cares because you don’t have anyone to tell about those journeys to the wild side. My son has many friends so a lot of us want to hear about his adventures.

Have a life. Have a big life, but don’t forget how to find your way home. Find love. Find big love. Surround yourself with love and then take yourself on an adventure.

I woke up in San Francisco yesterday morning. I was dreaming that I walked up to the edge of a cliff and I looked down and there was no bottom. Nothing. Just deep air for miles. I thought, wow! And for a moment, I was scared. Then I walked back from the edge of the cliff to where I was safe and from there, I crouched down and made a running start, peeling out as fast as I could, and then I jumped. Right away it was clear that I could fly. I think this dream came from thinking too much about Darlene’s stories. She tells me cliff stories. I tell her flying stories.

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